My journey into blogging started just a mere 4 months ago, yet it feels a lifetime has passed. I am SO thankful for everything I have learned, experienced, and done since then. And guess what, I AIN’T STOPPING ANYTIME SOON. It’s truly been a blessing and there is nothing quite like fully embracing the nerd I am. I’ve had so many people support me, encourage me, and push me to continue taking this path and for them, I am thankful.

This week was another eventful and exciting one for me full of roundtables, news articles, and more for TVAfterDark. Be sure to check them out below! And as always, stay nerdin’.


Streaming After Dark

Streaming After Dark: Disney’s new streaming service, Stranger Things 2 reflects, The Crown gets a new queen plus much more

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Weekly Update

Papa Pope loses it, Olivia hunts for Quinn, and QPA is none the wiser to all the scandalous secrets.

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Weekly Update

Letty and Javier find themselves amidst one of their most fantastic, comedic, and unique schemes yet.

To read the rest of the Good Behavior S2E5 roundtable *CONTAINS SPOILERS*, click HERE.

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