In the years gone by, we have said good-bye to many memorable and epic shows. Some of these we grew up with, some of them we have grown with. Each of them has impacted our lives in the most unique of ways (as kids and adults) and we continue to miss their absence in the land of TV even today. Below I list my top 10 most missed shows and I invite you to comment and share some of your favs!


Breaking Bad



In 2013, we mournfully said good-bye to the narcotic world of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Over the series, we found ourselves completely submerged in their dangerous, addicting, and mysterious world. One of my favorite things about this show was the intense character development we witnessed unfold over the years. We saw Walter White transform from an innocent, goofy high school chemistry teacher to Heisenberg, the meth dealer. The evolution of Walter White into the character we would see him become at the end was mind-boggling and spoke to the remarkable essence (not to mention, writing) of the show.


Every character we came across in the show held their own ground and left a lasting impression on each and every one of its fans (especially the one and only, Gus Fring). I so miss eagerly awaiting a new episode each week to see what shenanigans Jesse and Walter would get themselves into. Or if Hank was ever going to figure out that Heisenberg was just an arm’s length away the entire time. Or what crazy thing Gus was going to do next.


From day one to its series finale, Breaking Bad proved to be one of the most marvelous, shocking, and entertaining shows of our time.



The O.C.



Oh, the guilty pleasure that was the O.C. I recall I could never miss watching this show live. Every single week I couldn’t wait to “hang out” with Ryan, Seth, Marissa, and Summer and immerse myself into their rich and fabulous lives in the O.C. Its crazy to think that 10 years have gone by since this show ended in 2007.


Through the series, their lives were ever so twisted and tangled which proved to make one hell of an addicting TV show. We never knew what plot twist we would be handed next to digest before the next week threw another one at us. I absolutely loved the drama of secret relationships, surprise relatives, and lavish parties gone wrong.


I swooned over Seth’s nerdiness (a guy after my own heart) and Ryan’s tough-guy from Chino attitude. I adored how much Seth loved Summer and Ryan loved Marissa. Over the course of the series, we saw each of them break apart and come together numerous times as life in the O.C. always had something in store for them.


With all its glory and drama, the O.C., in my opinion, went down in the books as an unforgettable show from start to finish.



Friday Night Lights



Coach Taylor. Mrs. Taylor. Saracen. Riggins. Smash.


Some of the most iconic and loved characters in what went down as one heck of a television show. Who knew that a story revolving around the lives of folks in a small town in Texas would capture our hearts so profoundly? We all grew to love the story based on a local high school football team and its coach. We felt their pain when they lost; we felt their happiness when they won. We watched them grow over the years as school, relationships, college, and life weighed down on them and presented challenges along the way.


The beauty of this show was in its simplicity. It didn’t try too hard to impress or to embellish a simple story. It was such a relatable show and awakened the small town love in all of us. It taught us the value of friendships, family life, and the reality of what setbacks life can present to us.


But most importantly, it taught us this.


Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.


One Tree Hill




In 2012, we said good-bye to this classic, timeless teenage drama on television. As we all so vividly remember, the show revolved around five characters in high school living out their dramatic lives in Tree Hill, North Carolina. We were introduced to the likes of our favorite characters who went on to break our hearts and simultaneously bring us joy as they battled life’s usual issues (crazy, psychotic nurses, deranged fathers, obsessive exes…you know the norm).


This show was shocking as much as it was inspiring as we watched the characters transition from young teenage life to adult life. I mean we could never get enough of #NaLey, #PeyLuc, and #Brolian and their intense love and devotion to one another. Having said that, OTH had some of the most epic and enticing love stories that left us rooting for them throughout the nine seasons.


Competing with the likes of the O.C. and Gossip Girl, OTH rose to the challenge and stood out gloriously…remaining in our hearts all these years later.



Don’t fret, more TV shows yet to discuss!


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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


The Office


Parks and Rec




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