Below you will find some of the most adorable, precious, and makes us want to fall in love just as hard TV couples!

They have given us the most “awww” and “siigh” moments in TV love and we can never get enough of their unique love stories. Hope you enjoy my top 10 favorite!

Claire & Jamie


Ahh…the epic love of Lallybroch. These two make our hearts melt with their love spanning across the vast expanse of time. Unusual circumstances brought them together and we hope nothing will ever tear them apart. 

*Image property of Starz

Ross & Demelza


Ross & Demelza’s union was one we all were secretly rooting for as their love story unfold. Fighting against all odds and resistance of the time, a British army officer and a servant girl come together to prove love conquers all.                                            **Sigh** 

*Image property of BBC One

Temperance & Booth


Over the course of 12 years, Bones and Booth tugged at our heartstrings with their “opposites attract” love story. We loved to see two completely different people, with nothing in common, fall in love so deeply. Throughout the series, they gave us some beautiful moments (and some scary ones) but we are so grateful to gush over them always and forever.

*Image property of Fox

Jim & Pam

The Office

Jim and Pam, sigh. Their precious, innocent, and beautiful love story found a way into all of our hearts as we eagerly watched their “will they, won’t they” romance unfold over the series. We laughed with them. We cried with them. We are forever grateful to them for making us all believe in love.

*Image property of NBC

Jane & Michael

Jane The Virgin

These two are one of my all-time favorite couples. Their love story gave us all faith, hope, and so much mushy-gushy happiness as we watched them grow from two young adults falling in love to creating a life of their own. Their love story felt so relatable despite its strange, unique circumstances. In the end, we all found our hearts glowing and beating bright red with love, just as theirs did for one another.

*Image property of CW

Lucy & Ricky Ricardo

I Love Lucy

These two have been a part of our lives for decades and we can never get enough of their corky, silly love. Their love has always given us life and laughs as we have watched them partake in the silliest of things while still loving each other to no end. We have them to thank for appreciating love in its most comedic form.



*Image property of CBS

Meredith & Derek

Grey’s Anatomy

The infamous #MerDer. They captivated our lives with their love story from the get-go. We rooted for them to make it, even when it didn’t feel right. We cried when they grew apart and cried even harder when they found their way back to each other. The turbulent ups and downs of their time together resulted in a beautiful family we weren’t sure we’d ever get to see. #MerDer will always be in our hearts.


*Image property of ABC

Zack & Kelly

Saved By The Bell

Zack and Kelly are another one of my favorite couples as they remind me what it feels like to have that epic high school love you can never walk away from. They remind us of pure, innocent love that grows stronger with time and make us all wish we too had ended up with our high school sweethearts. They were cute, sassy, and loveable together as a couple and an inspired us all to keep the sappiness alive.




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Chuck & Blair

Gossip Girl

Does everyone remember this couple that just didn’t seem to get it together to stay together long enough? Because I DO! Their rollercoaster love-hate relationship made for one interesting love story that kept us all entertained. I often found myself wondering if I even wanted them to end up together, but alas, their immature love grew into an epic, memorable love story that we will never forget. XoXo



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Ross & Rachel


From the minute Rachel entered Ross’s life, we knew we were in for a grand love story. Over 10 years, we were enamored over their love for one another. They spent much of it apart to our dismay but we always rooted and hoped that they’d find their way back to each other. Their goofy, crazy, and dorky love inspired us all to never let go of what our heart wants and desires. Their love taught us to never give up even when the odds are stacked against us. They made us believe that true love exists and when its meant for you, it always comes right back.




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