Happy New Year all you beautiful people! 🙂 And just like that we’re on the first day of a brand new year, can you believe its 2018 already?! It’s been a little while since I’ve updated the blog and for that I apologize. Things have been so exciting and busy on my end and it only means wonderful things for this blog. Just this past month, I had the opportunity to be a part of the red carpet media for the NAACP Image Awards Luncheon, where all the nominees for the upcoming award show were honored. Be sure to check out the interviews I did below!

As I look ahead to the new year, I’m so excited at the prospect of what’s to come and what adventures lie ahead. 2017 was such a whirlwind adventure as I began this blog and got started on my dream of being a TV blogger. As a result, I’ve met so many wonderful people and have been given so many opportunities. A huge shout-out to my TVAfterDark fam for making me a senior editor, a responsibility I am so excited to take on in this new year. As I work on putting up some new reviews (embargo date pending), here is some of my most recent work I’ve done over the last month. It’s some of my best so I truly hope you enjoy it! May this new year consist of lots of amazing new TV shows, happiness, and as always, keeping it nerdy 100%.

Good Behavior Season 2 Review:

In its sophomore season, Good Behavior managed to blow our minds, slay every episode, and left us wanting more. Thanks to the creative minds of Chad Hodge and Blake Crouch, we were thrust back into the chaotic world of Letty (Michelle Dockery) and Javier (Juan Diego Botto) once again. Over the course of ten episodes, this drama series unpacked the events of the season that preceded it while looking ahead to the future. The season focused on the turbulent nature of Letty and Javier’s love story–a very complicated and dark relationship while exploring Letty’s desire to be a good mother and create a family. Unfortunately, hitmen, murders, acid trips, and the like prevented them from taking the straight and narrow path to a “normal” life.

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Scene Stealer: Michelle Dockery [Good Behavior, S2]:

There aren’t enough adjectives to articulate how flawlessly Michelle Dockery conveyed the complexity of her character, Letty. For a character that has battled the inner workings of her mind, addictions, and desires, Letty has been a whirlwind of complexity. The second season of Good Behavior has been a testament to the journey Letty has taken, be it an endless string of hotel cons or fighting to create a life with her son.


In every scene, act, and moment of Good Behavior we found ourselves addicted to Dockery’s every movement as Letty. This sophomore season highlighted the endless limits of her talent as she tackled a character that went from fighting for her family to the depths of darkness courtesy of an acid trip. As a person, Letty is beautifully flawed and such a complex character to take on. She possesses the ability to self-destruct within moments while clinging on to the hopes and dreams of a perfect life.

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NAACP Image Awards Luncheon Interviews:

New Year

Nominees for the NAACP Image Awards were honored at the annual luncheon at the Beverly Hilton in California on Saturday. In advance of the awards that will take place on MLK Day in January, this luncheon recognized and applauded all the nominees for their work in the arts. This star-studded event brought together individuals from all corners of the industry to celebrate. Attendees included Yvette Nicole Brown, Marsai Martin, Niecy Nash, Major, and many more.

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