Wow, so that was some episode. Starting from Arya and ending with the Mother of Dragons, this episode cultivated everything from last season and set the stage for what’s to come this season. I think this episode did an amazing job giving us a glimpse into what each character is up to and where they’re headed. In true Game of Thrones fashion, we got our “ooh” and “aah” moments and it reminded us why we are so in love with this show.

The episode began with what initially seemed like a flashback post the Red Wedding with Walder Frey celebrating with his entire family over feast and wine. But nope, again in true GOT-esque fashion, we soon discovered that not only had the entire Frey family suddenly started dropping like flies after drinking (POISIONED!) wine but it wasn’t Walder Frey at all. As the mask was pulled back, it was revealed that the girl’s name behind the mask was ARYA FREEKING STARK! She (and this season) came back with a vengeance and had our hearts in rapid palpitations from the the start. As the scene comes to an end, she turns to the only Frey (young girl) she spared and says, “the North remembers and if anyone asks what happened here, tell them winter came for House Frey.” Oooh the chills, you go girl.


It seems the Starks are inching closer and closer to a proper reunion, but we’re not quite there yet. Bran and Meera arrive at the Wall but are faced with some resistance as Meera declares who they are. Bran proves his identity with ease (rattling off facts he knew about the guard) and they are taken in. Little does Bran know, Jon is no longer at the Wall but I think we can hope to see them reunite very, VERY soon. I am certain a raven will be delivering the news to Jon about Bran’s sudden arrival in the coming episodes.


Cut scene to Jon Snow and Sansa at Winterfell. We were treated to some interesting sibling bickering over the duration of the scene while Littlefinger just hung out in the corner with his smug face on. In preparation for a possible battle against the White Walkers, Jon Snow would like all of Winterfell to get ready. Mind you, he’s not looking for just the men either. He wants everyone from the ages of 10-60, men, women, girls, and boys to join in. We were treated to Lady Mormont’s sassiness as she chimed in to say she would basically not have it any other way (there was some resistance to females joining the cause but she squashed that real quick).

An argument began to spew over the discussion of two castles and their occupants that did not support Winterfell during the Battle of the Bastards. Everyone (including Sansa) believes they should be kicked out and loyal families put in their place. Jon, however, doesn’t feel its right to punish the innocents of those families by kicking them out of their home. Thus begins the heated banter between Jon and Sansa, but alas Jon stands his ground like a true leader and said his is the final word. It will be interesting to see where this tension takes them as Sansa may already be feeling a bit neglected and unappreciated. After all, she did play a big role in the Battle of the Bastards by getting Littlefinger to help out.


Now this is where it gets super interesting…

Jon receives a raven from King’s Landing from none other than the Queen herself. Cersei has asked him to come to King’s Landing and basically if he doesn’t “he will suffer the fate of traitors”. Judging from the past, we know she isn’t messing around either. Sansa urges him the importance of it but it doesn’t seem like he’s too worried. His focus seems to be on handling the more pressing concern of the Army of the Dead headed their way. But in the Game of Thrones world, its hard to say who might be the scarier opponent. Is Jon right to ignore Cersei’s demand? I guess we will see in the upcoming episodes!



We finally see Cersei coming off her diabolical (and successful) plan of blowing up anyone and everyone last season and it seems she has sort of lost her marbles in pursuit of eliminating all her enemies. She has lost all her kids, lost her parents, hates Tyrion, and seems to only have Jamie left in her life. But from the looks of it, Jamie is starting to doubt Cersei’s decision making and seems a bit concerned.

Cersei has invited Euron Greyjoy (uncle of Theon) to join their fight as they are both scorned children and siblings who cannot stand their family. Much to our delight, he proposes to Cersei in exchange for helping her with his fleet of ships. Cersei was quick to reject as Jamie’s reaction was quite priceless.


One of my favorite parts of this episode was Samwell Tarly’s scenes. He is often brushed off as a doofy, clueless guy but this episode he brought it with his discovery. We see him doing some crappy (literally, gross) stuff throughout his scenes and then finally sneak his way into the restricted access area Harry-Potter style.

Where Sam turns into a complete badass (and possibly becoming the key to this season), is when he discovers that there is a mountain of dragon glass under Dragonstone (Daenerys’s childhood home). Dragon glass, as we find out, is the key to killing of the White Walkers. Stannis had informed Samwell of this before but he didn’t exactly believe him back then. Well now he has proof! Sam immediately begins to write to Jon to aware him of this discovery.

The White Walkers are the villains this all has been building up to and good ‘ol Samwell has just discovered the key to beating them. You go boy.


One of the most LOL moments in this episode is Brienne and Tormund’s interaction. Back in Winterfell, Brienne is training and when she knocks down her opponent, we saw Tormund googly-eyed look at her and say, “he is a lucky man.” I sure hope we continue to see more of this throughout the season because they both should totally have a love story.


The scene we all were anxiously awaiting for. ED SHEERAN IN GAME OF THRONES. We heard his beautiful, angelic voice in the background as Arya strutted her way through the woods after just having slaughtered the entire Frey family. She joins the group of men upon their insistence and from the looks of it, was definitely ready to steal all their weapons and leave them high and dry. She soon realized they were just a bunch of nice dudes and seemed to change her mind. When asked why she was heading to King’s Landing, she responds, “to kill the Queen.” The men break out in laughter thinking its a joke, Arya joining them. Oh boy, if only they knew the truth.



The episode comes to a close in the most emotional of ways. We see Dany arrive at her home, Dragonstone, alongside Varys, Tyrion, Missandei, Greyworm, and her beloved dragons. Dragonstone seems to be deserted after Stannis left it back in season 3 but who cares, because DANY IS FINALLY HOME. The scene plays out with everyone in complete silence as Dany takes in that she truly is back to where she came from. They walk into the castle as she approaches and looks out at the grand room where the Iron Throne once sat. Foreshadowing for where it will end up? I think so!

The episode ends with Dany powerfully saying, “Shall we begin?”


Oh jeez. GOOSEBUMPS! So here is what I think we can expect in the upcoming episodes of Season 7…

After Sam’s discovery of the dragon glass hidden under the Targaryean home, he naturally will tell Jon. This will inevitably lead Jon to Dragonstone to acquire the dragon glass that is needed to kill the White Walkers. Well well well, who else might be at this magical place he must sought out? DANY OF COURSE!

And as I mentioned in my season 7 recap, I believe a Dany/Jon union could very well happen. With the possibility of them meeting VERY VERY soon, this prediction is inching towards a reality. And if wedding bells aren’t in their future, then we can expect one badass team-up against Cersei and a GOT battle unlike one we’ve never seen before.

We are also getting closer to the Stark family reuniting once and for all. If Jon decides to ever take Cersei seriously, and make way to King’s Landing, he may cross paths with Arya. If he stays put, he may learn of Bran’s arrival at the Wall and go to retrieve him. So many possibilities, so many questions. I cannot wait to see what happens next!


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