It’s that glorious time of year again! Emmy nominations are right around the corner. As a TV buff, I always wondered how exactly this process works. Who votes? What individuals are a part of this special committee picking out the best of the best TV shows from the year gone by? Who ultimately deems a show worthy enough to receive an Emmy nomination and then eventually the Emmy?

Basically, there are two groups responsible for the voting. This includes the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (they vote for prime time shows) and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (they vote for daytime shows, news, documentary programs, etc).

I am going to be focusing on the primetime shows here, so let’s dig a little deeper into the ATAS.

Members must pay a fee to be a part of the academy and work within the television industry. They are each placed into peer groups focusing on specific areas within the industry. They then vote accordingly for their assigned category. It is an honor for nominees (and why quite often you’ll find them thanking their peers) to be selected for a nomination. This is because the first part of the process is voted on by their coworkers/peers. Pretty cool, huh?

From there, an Awards Committee selects the Emmy winners for each category. In order for a show to be eligible for the running, it has to have aired sometime during June 1st (of previous year) to May 31st  (of current year) during a primetime slot (between 6 pm to 2 am). This is why, if you hadn’t noticed already, you may have found yourself wondering why certain shows (which you absolutely were certain should have been nominated) aren’t even in the running. If they just missed the deadline, then they are simply not taken into account.

Now that we understand the overall general process of how this thing works; I think the next best (obviously more fun) thing to do is spark a discussion on potential  nominees for this year’s Emmy awards!

I was recently in LA and kept spotting the “For Your Consideration” billboards all over the city. These are basically advertised by the shows as a request to be considered for a nomination.  For reasons unbeknownst to me, I found myself smiling each time I came across one. I soon realized, “Wow girl, you basically watch each and every one of these.”

Eventually, I could barely contain my enthusiasm. It dawned on me this was one amazing year of television (quite possibly one of the best). From new shows to mini-series events to recurring shows, we were treated to some of the best writing, directing, producing, editing, etc. we have ever seen. It was there I found the inspiration for this article and knew it was a must-do topic to explore with all of you. I am over the moon excited to discuss who I think/want to be nominated this year for an Emmy (the Academy has a tough job ahead of them fosho’).

 I invite you to comment and interact by providing your own lists in the forum following the announcement of nominees!  (Provide your predictions by clicking here!)





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