Introducing Jodie Whittaker…

Words can’t express how pumped and excited I am for this transition into the 13th Doctor!

This announcement comes off the heels of the Wimbledon’s Men’s Finals and has thrown the entire world into a frenzy. The show will be returning this Christmas as the Doctor “regenerates” from Peter Capaldi into Jodie Whittaker! BOO YA!

Jodie Whittaker is a phenomenal actress seen in the likes of Black Mirror and Broadchurch (both are MUST SEE shows, btw). I am super pumped to see her take over this iconic role.

Many fans speculated the announcement of a female Doctor as the recent two-part finale dropped many hints indicating we could expect a woman to be taking over. One of the most standout hints was when Bill Potts asks everyone to move aside while she handles business to which the Master replied, “Will the future be all girl?” The Doctor responds, “We can only hope.”

Well we hoped, we prayed, and now our wishes have come true. The world cannot wait to see what this new era of Doctor Who brings especially with all these changes the shown has undergone this year (new female Doctor, exit of showrunner Steven Moffatt and companions Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas, and Chris Chibnall taking over). Christmas can’t come soon enough.


Doctor Who will return for Christmas special on BBC America!


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