About Me

TV show enthusiast. TV show addict. TV show aficionada. Just a few synonyms to capture the essence of this blog and what it means to me. For so long, I have wanted to enter the world of blogging just to simply share my passion and love for the TV shows I watch. I share this love with my family and friends on a literal minute-to-minute basis. You can catch me at any point in my day telling someone about a show they just absolutely have to watch (and not dropping the urgency with which they must). But before I dive into what all this means to me, I’d like to share with you who I am and what I’m all about.



My name is Ariba (lovingly known by most as Reebs), a Florida born, AZ native, eldest of three siblings, nerdy as heck, soon-to-be optometrist. My future day job will involve me checking the health of sight while my passion job will be to entertain all of you with the best of the best TV-related jibber jabber. Being an optometrist has been a dream of mine for quite some time and a dream I cannot wait to achieve. As I strive towards this goal, I am excited to simultaneously embark on this fantastical journey of blogging.


The urge to finally do this comes after years of attending Comic-cons, Disney conventions, Stars Wars conventions, hours upon hours of binging shows, and finding pure bliss and happiness in doing all this (alongside my equally nerdy brother and sister). I realize the joy I feel every time a friend comes to me for advice on what new show to start. I simply ask which genre and find myself smiling and very excitedly offering a list of TV shows to start with.



I truly enjoy finding a deep connection with every show I watch, and helping others to see that connection so they too can relate to it in their own way. It is the beauty and magic of television (and movies) to find a hidden meaning behind a story being told, to connect with the characters and truly understand what they are experiencing in their roles. Tying that all together and bringing it back to us as people is an amazing thing and something I hope to provide for all those who read this blog. I absolutely expect to engage all of you with what it is I have to say and will look forward to your input and participation along the way (get ready for lots of polls and activities every week!). I am very excited to finally start this blog and I sincerely hope WatchWithReebs will be as special to you as it has become to me. Let the nerdiness begin! 🙂